15 April 2012


remember how saturday morning i was supposed to wake up bright and early and run my first 5k since i injured my foot in kickball? well one of those two things happened.

i woke up early. i did not run. i was a little bit disappointed that i wouldn't be able to run. and by a little bit disappointed, i was really really disappointed and went to target.

target is like the black hole of money spending. i went in there for soap. i came home with much more than soap. including this sweet new running top:

apparently that color is "military blue." i would call it more grey, but whatever.

i have a couple of target running tank tops that i am a fan of, so i am hoping i like this one as well.

after not running and going to target, i did my other favorite past time - beer drinking and pool lounging. it ended with ordering pizza to the pool and a 2 hour nap. fantastic. my phone died about halfway through the day and i never bothered to recharge it until about 1 in the morning. disdain for technology. my apologies to the functions i was supposed to attend.

yes. this happened.
nothing better than sunshine, beer, and cheap pizza to make you forget your foot doesn't want to cooperate in the whole running situation.

i am killing time until kickball, which is at 3 and is theme week. SPRING BREAK...woop woop. hopefully i can get a team picture of this ridiculousness. i have been listening to beachy songs all day in order to get in the mood. and because i'll be at the beach thursday. i.cannot.wait.

i'm going to try out that sweet new running tank top after kickball. because i clearly don't heed my bodies warnings of injuries. whatever. i must run. i'm losing my mind...

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