05 April 2012

pool pining.

this whole kickball injury thing is totally throwing off my entire life.

i was searching around for a pool in atlanta and have come up super lame. why does it cost your entire life's savings, your first born, and your soul in order to get a gym membership? especially when i am going to go perhaps 5 times a month. (i am the worst about actually going to a gym...i prefer the outdoors.)

looks like we will keep with the immobility exercises. sweet. they are so exciting and all...

the cleansing diet got super derailed today. which you can read all about on my work blog if you care too. (i may get around to writing that one today...eek).

i didn't have time for breakfast. i keep a stock of high protein bars at my house and some not so high protein (ahem kids clif bars...that oatmeal cookie one. yum). so i grabbed a white macadamia nut clif mojo bar.


it wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible. i have certainly had better products by them. not too mention i was hungry about 45 seconds once i finished it and had no fruit handy. i ate the rest my apples and cuties yesterday.

luckily with work i had to make a stop at strabuck's and grabbed some trail mix. new favorite food: dried blueberries. who knew? yes i had caffeine today. i broke rule number one for me. no caffeine. i become a possessed six year old on caffeine. it's just not pretty.

lunch was on the later side and i dominated it. a sandwich from jersey mikes. good gracious i inhaled that poor mini sized sandwich. it never stood a chance.

now i am sitting watching terrible tv waiting for it to be an acceptable time to eat dinner. and of course avoiding the grocery store like the plague...in the meantime i am inhaling cheese and crackers. i should never be left alone with cheese and crackers.

any ideas on alternatives to boring indoor activities when you can't exactly extend your foot fully? i really wish i could go swimming. i certainly miss swimming. sigh.

now it's time to stop eating cheese (not because it's all gone...you caught me. it's all gone) and get ready to party. andrew w. k. concert tonight. if you ever are having a bad day, put on his music and you are guaranteed to be bopping around your apartment in your skivvies like an idiot. no? just me, well shoot.... 

here's to a night of drinking shitty beer and dancing.