13 April 2012


tomorrow is my first official run since my kickball injury almost 2 weeks ago.

yesterday was my first bout with exercising again.

it started bright and early. 5 a.m. to be exact.

i do this weird thing where when i know i have important things to wake up for that i can't sleep. i woke up at 2:30 in the morning and freaking out. one because i had about 14 glasses of water with dinner, so it was violently urgent that i use the facilities. then i was just awake. i kept waking up sure that i had overslept my alarm. alas nope. just awake. and hot. really really hot.

finally it was actually 5 a.m. that meant i could actually get up and not this whole pretending game of sleeping. 5 a.m. yesterday was cold. COLD. it's april in georgia. cold is what it is not supposed to be. and not the it's 60 out and it's "cold." it was 43. that's legit cold.

i guess i should probably tell you why i woke up at 5 am. bootcamp. my friend catherine (HI!!!) invited me for bring a friend day. i of course agreed and then immediately remembered that yes i get up early to run, but i am usually out the door by 630, not 520. that's a whole hour later. whatever. let's do this.

i also wasn't sure how exactly my foot would hold up seeing as how it's still tender to the touch and i haven't done any form of exercise aside from squats in almost 2 weeks. could get ugly.

i will say. it was rather enjoyable (aside from the cold soggy grass- thanks for nothing drainage system at piedmont park....it's only been like 2 weeks since it rained...) i also surprised myself in how fast i actually am for short distances.

there was some hill work that i kept with the lead instructor and had to run an extra loop that no one else did....no bitterness here at all....and then managed to outsprint everyone to the finish.

to top it off, catherine and i won 1/2 off a month of bootcamp. woop woop. oh and becuause we are awesome and have known each other since 7th grade, we unknowingly wore matching outfits...

then, because you know i hadn't been up since 2:30 off and on, i decided to go rock climbing with candice. i haven't been in about a month and a half. needless to say it kicked my ass. KICKED MY ASS. i also forgot how much i loved it, and remembered that i have been missing it for quite some time.

now because i squeezed an entire weeks worth of nothingness into one day, i must get to the point. (not that i ever have one...)

i don't really understand this, but apparently his name is pete and he is the mascot of this race?

tomorrow morning i am running a 5k. this one - http://www.oakhurstcoop.com/ - i was supposed to run with andrew, one of my friends, but he had a last minute work meeting in the morning. he's run two other 5ks with me. he threw up at the st. patty's day 5k. he transferred his bib to my friend dekalb. who ran his first 5k st. patty's day and kicked it's butt i might add. but he went to the braves game tonight, so it's doubtful he will make it tomorrow....

so we shall see how this race goes. i previously mentioned i wanted to run it in 22 minutes. which i think is wishful thinking with the lack of running i've been doing these days. i don't think 1 day of hill work qualifies.

oh well.

i'll make a race update saturday/sunday. sunday kickball starts back again and it's theme week for the league and we are going with spring break. which means i get to wear my party party party tank top and a swimsuit. two things that make me furiously happy....


p.s. i've learned my lesson. no shitty beer drinking tonight. that was yesterday at trivia. i also now have 3 places in atlanta that have my favorite avery white rascal....life is complete. if you haven't had it, DRINK.IT.NOW! i insist. and you can thank me later.


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