15 April 2012

3 miles.

so i actually got off my butt and went running after kickball.

win for me. my foot is a little tender and i've got my compression socks on. it's a good look.

i was going to make avocado pasta, but the avocado is bad. blast. looks like i'll just have to get another one and try again.

sad day in my life:

old trusty has a slice in her. i've only had it for about 4 years, but it's been through every race with me. the other day i was doing research on watches that have a gps built into them, and i think the basic timex knew something was up. i'm sad, but i am also not giving up on it, until it literally falls off my arm.

i also am not sold on the whole gps watch game. they seem so bulky. i like my little guy.

the run today was good. i ran it a bit harder than i intended based on the fact that i haven't run in over 2 weeks. i also started on an uphill. i thought i was going to die, but i kept pushing. then i hit the hill of death. (i have a long standing battle with this hill.) it's a silly easy hill, but it's the third hill in a row of them and i usually get exhausted about halfway up and want to stop. today i stopped. but i did 3 miles. which is pretty sucky and short for this kid, but i'll take it.

i stopped for two reasons. 1. it was hot and i was being a wimp 2. i could feel the pressure in my left foot from compensating for my right foot for the past two weeks. i decided that pushing it (anymore than i already was) wasn't in my best interest.

we won kickball. spring break theme was a success...

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