25 May 2012

lofthouse cookies

while i was home, i did my best to not consume as many calories as possible.

i will say that i failed and succeeded at this:

making oatmeal cookies and eating these lovely little gems.

how did i not know they had chocolate?

i may or may not have been craving one of these for the past week. and i mean like mouthwatering no cookie will substitute craving. absolutely crippling. (i want you all to know that i couldn't for the life of me remember the name of these cookies and i literally typed: cookies with icing at grocery, and google knew exactly what i was talking about AND gave me a recipe. you can bet your ass i will be making those.)

i ran while i was at home, but mainly i just walked the old man and bombed around memphis.

regal isn't he?
it's sometimes fun to play hooky from life and skip out. then you've got to come back to reality and that is just not nearly as exciting.

nature box update:

the masa crisps are like crack. i can't stop eating them. i can't claim anything else in the box because i have been too focused on these.

i wore my new bright ass yellow mizunos while i was home. they are like running on pillows - ya know pillows of awesome if my foot wasn't still bothering me. perhaps i should actually go to the doctor? nah, that would be claiming defeat. never. i repeat, never claim defeat.

when you drive from atlanta to memphis you see lot's of exciting things. namely this one.

pretty sure they cut the wheel well to makes those bad boys fit.

i'm thinking of getting that done to the jetta. i think it is a much needed upgrade.

tomorrow is long run morning day. tonight is drinking in new bars with old friends night (i hope). could make tomorrow fun. or vomitty. bets?

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