11 May 2012

new routes

yesterday, apple had to reset my phone. this morning i had no alarm. i probably should have thought about that before i went to bed...

i also probably should have eaten more than just 5 cheese and crackers for dinner. whatever, i was sleepy.

i did do a new to me run yesterday that was fantastic. darwin and i went and ran around emory university. he is super fast and i wasn't sure i would be able to keep up with him. i figured i would have to make up my own route and meet him back at his house. but i did okay. the hills over there are BRUTAL!

uphills kick my butt, but i can make up some serious time on the downhill. i should probably work that out better.

overall it was just over 6 miles and we ran it doing about 7:46 mile pace.

i was thinking that was a fast pace, and it is, but i was looking over my dailymile page and noticed that it is faster than i normally run, but not unbearably faster.

there was one hill, that i finally had to put my head down, let darwin outrun me, and stop looking up to see where the hill ended. it.just.kept.going. like 7th layer of hell hill. torture. i can grind out some serious hills, but i am really slow when it comes to them and that one was absolutely no exception.

we got to a stop light (read darwin stopped and waited for the slow poke) and wait to cross and i was praying that we were turning because if you crossed the street, the hill kept going. i think my heart would have been crushed if i had to run up any more of that hill...

once he, praia, and i made it back, we had a driveway party. you know the one where you lay down and try to remember how to breathe normally again? yea that lasted a minute.

one pair of my new shoes arrives on monday and the other pair arrives next friday. how's that for some serious difference in shipping times....