21 May 2012

old guy.

as i sit here eating cheese and crackers for dinner (for probably the third time this week) i started thinking about the reasons that i run.

there are the obvious ones:

stay in shape
it's calming
race day nerves and capitalizing on them
eat as many candy bars as humanly possible - not really, but i do like candy bars

the not so obvious ones:

it keeps me sane
it builds character
one day i won't be able too

it's that last one that really hit home the other day. i was reading an article about my high school track coach. he has an inoperable brain tumor and is fading.

when i read the article i was overcome with a rush of emotions. most of them i don't know how to process. he is a great man and helped to build my character. he and his son were my coaches all throughout high school and without the two of them, i wouldn't be the runner, much less the person i am today.

it's really hard to read an article about someone you care for deeply knowing that they don't have much time left.

i have a real tough time accepting things like this. i don't like seeing people in pain. it's absolutely crushing to me.

i am headed back home to memphis tomorrow to see him. hopefully it won't be the last. it was a really tough decision for me to make about going home. i want his memory in my mind to be the happy ones, but i know in order to be okay with myself, i have to go home and see him.

here's to running races for people who can't, in the memory of those who did, and for everyone that has touched you along the way.

this is the article if you want to read more about what a great man "old guy" is. that was our affectionate name for him...

Old Guy

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