08 May 2012

winning the lottery...candy style.

back to the morning running grind.

i've been out of sorts lately with the move at work. early mornings to late nights make me sleepy.

i was going to run when i was out of town for candice's wedding, but i was exhausted. everything hurt and i didn't think it was time to be pushing out some miles just to say that i did.

i ran 4.12 miles this morning with no watch.

might have "borrowed" from limewire....does that exist?

sometimes i like the freedom to just go out there and run. timing runs can put an unwanted pressure on them. especially when your body is screaming at you to stop running. it allows you to slow down and just meander through. it was quite nice to know that i could walk when i wanted and could go as slow or as fast as i felt capable.

things i have noticed over the past week of running/walking around:

my right foot still is tender from kickball
my left knee still bothers me occasionally
morning runners are not the friendliest
i love morning running
hills in atlanta are killer
you can't run early enough to escape the heat
i really need some new running routes
i miss the beach - well mainly just water in general
you can always push just one more hill/mile/minute

i would run more hills if they looked like this.

not surprisingly, i ate my weight in candy during the wedding weekend. to be fair, it was free and who says no to free candy? not this kid. so i've been trying to get back on track with eating better, but somehow i ended up with ::read: absconded:: all of the candy from the wedding. there is no escaping it. besides, life is too short to live without candy.

sugar high....not my picture either.

i may or may not have partaken in some alcohol as well. in the form of michelob ultra (blegh), miller lite, mimosas, whiskey ginger ale, etc. etc. etc. this was over a 3 day period. give me a break.

things that are entertaining to me: bridesmaid's dresses are ordered to fit elephants. i am fairly positive of it. i am on my second one now that was entirely too big. like let's play the game of what all can you keep in your dress because your boobs certainly don't fill it out. it's a fun game. you should try it sometime.

i've done enough rambling for one day. it's time for a grocery run (it's been two weeks. i've officially run out of creative meals to eat).