16 May 2012


they're heeeerrreeeeeee.

just a little poltergeist to get your afternoon going.

so i finally made it to the post office today to pick up my shoes and i had another surprise awaiting me:

that is a really shitty picture of a naturebox

i was little kid excited to open my "hippie food" as someone who shall remain nameless called it. this month includes (as described by the insert in the box):

-masa crisps : "top salads with a sprinkling of masa crisps for a savory lunch-time crunch." why's it got to always be about lunch? why not dinner? or snacks? i like snacks...

-tropical trail mix: "when you're feeling the afternoon slump, turn to our tropical tail mix for a natural boost that coffee can't dream of." i'll take anything that says i shouldn't drink coffee. but i do not like the "of" at the end of the sentence, but because i am feeling generous i'll let it slide. (besides something is bound to be misspelled in this post)

-cinnamon spiced almonds: "we pair warmly spiced cinnamon with our california grown almonds and add a touch of honey to help you fine tune your memory any time of the day." sold.

-agave citrus granola: "this soft-baked granola is unlike anything you've sunk your teeth into - literally." interesting verbage. (see there you go, i made up a word)

-honey nut medley: "stir a handful of your honey nut medley into yogurt for a sweet bite after lunch or dinner." gross on the yogurt mix-in front. but they are delicious. yes i've already opened them...don't judge me.

i'll keep you posted on the others.

now to the REALLY important thing. NEW SHOES. all girls love new shoes. i just prefer running shoes or sandals. i love me some sandals...

so shiny and pretty.
i can't wait to test these obnoxious bad boys out in the morning.

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