06 January 2014

recruiting friends.

what happens when you need to recruit people to run with you to hold you accountable to this running game you've signed up for? oh and get your butt out the door in the foggy, cold, maybe rainy conditions...

you remember that your ragnar girls have a group on ze facebook and you post about it.

and then you get people who actually respond and want to run with you.

in less than 2 hours. i had recruited two people to run all and some with me. and all might have changed from 13-15 because i read the calendar wrong...special i am.

9 miles, 1.5 hours, and some amazing conversation later, the run was done. 

fairly harmless and pain free. it was spectacular. i always forget how nice it is to run with other people.

not only do they hold you accountable, they keep you entertained. which on long runs entertainment is key. 

they also push you up the mountains that atlanta claims as hills...

ladies let's do this again soon and perhaps with beer at the end. or mimosas. i'm not picky.