04 October 2012


sunday is race day.


but...the weather is supposed to be gorgeous.

perfect race weather if you ask me. and since you are reading this then i am going to pretend that you asked.

i am a bit nervous about this race because i was sick for a bit during training and because i got my first email about packet pickup....yesterday. yep yesterday. okay maybe it was monday and it was in my spam folder, but still. cutting it a bit close if you ask me.

running has actually been going really well lately, so i am excited to race it and not be super worried about the actual running aspect.

i know i can run 13.1 miles. i've done it before, 4 times to be exact. i am going into this course blind. i like it better that way. no scary hill pre-knowledge.

yes this probably isn't the best approach, but that's neither here nor there for to me. i like running just to run.

when i run the full in december i will probably make dad drive the entire course with me, while i rock nervously in the front seat. sounds like a good combo. 26.2 miles is a long way dude, give me a break.

i also get ridiculously nervous before races. even 5ks. don't ask. same thing when i have to take a test, call someone on the phone....awesome opossum.