24 September 2012

mental block.

some days i get this feeling of world ending doom.

it doesn't happen all that often anymore.

but when it does, oscar the grouch better look out.

i had one of those days today.

too many things had piled up in my brain and i couldn't focus.

all i wanted to do was go home and lay down. bury everything in the covers and wake up tomorrow and start over.

but i didn't.

mainly because it was an absolutely stunner of a day and because darwin wouldn't let me.

i had a bit of a breakdown on the phone with him and then i went for a run.

one of those runs where you bargain with yourself to run that hill and then you can be done. you promise yourself you will make up for it in the morning when you run.

today i pushed through that bargain. i was already out there after all.

it was a fairly action packed run. dodging people, watching a lady almost ram straight into a pedestrian crossing sign in the middle of the street, and rescuing a dog.

the rescue came when i watched a man taking his trash can back up to his house and watched him open the gates at the top of the driveway. i pushed right on and as i crossed the street i heard a man yelling the same name over and over again.

i turned and saw the most adorable (i mean fierce) little creature running at me. so i turned and ran back towards the dog, as he was crossing the street without looking both ways. i put my arms out and said why hello precious as his owner is still running up the street towards us. i took him by the collar and passed him off.

it was just the break i needed to rejuvinate my run.

the only reason i stopped my run is i realized that i had stopped sweating. never good.

my reward for my long run:

two, going on three, bottles of water
popcorn with chocolate chips for dinner
scrubs and a giant sweatshirt


mea culpa for the no pictures. if you want pictures check out this: whimsywanderlust.tumblr.com