22 January 2013

treadmill and a contest.

it's 5:43 on tuesday and i still haven't done my 4 miles today.

i DID however sign up for a gym because i will be up in ellijay this week in no man's land. so i am about to make and quick dinner and suit up in for the freezing cold ride back into town.

yes i am serious about riding back into town. like i am some sort of country bumpkin. but for this week (and last week i suppose) i am. it is about a 20-25 minute ride into town. and all that is there, is this gym, tractor supply, a grocery store, a mexican restaurant and an italian restaurant. that's about it.

but nothing beats working in the mountains. well the beach always beats the mountains, but i can't really complain with this view.

the princess (and her new mowhawk) and i are up here for the duration of the week.

okay i am off to make some dinner and get my butt out the door to run some treadmill miles. mmm always fun. said no on ever.

oh and if you are feeling lucky, you should go enter SkinnyRunner's contest....because i did and that makes me cool by association because she is an amazing runner. i'll take it as a win.

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