19 February 2013


this post is mainly because i realized when my last post was and how far off marathon training i am.

BUT when work and life hand you an ass kicking, some things have to take a backseat.

running has been that thing. i have managed to run here and there, but nothing to write home about and nothing in way of training for the marathon that is looming...

there is a 20 miler scheduled on the books for saturday. i am hoping to at least maybe eek out 15. maybe. that really is dependent on my knee. for the most part it has been good, but when i have been in the car or truck, which i have been A LOT lately, it tends to be more tender and i can only run about 4-5 before i have to stop...yes yes, calling the PT ASAP. i know i know.

i am going to count cross training as schlepping lumber...and furniture. yes furniture. that is a long story.

today i was all set to run a 5 miler. but then i got home and sat down. that 5 miler is looking more like a 3 miler and that's if i can get my butt out the door.

the want to run is there, the time is the problem. 11 hour workdays that start early and end late make me sleepy and crave the time i do get in my bed. which is rapidly becoming fewer and farther between.

i am thankful for a job that keeps me on my toes, and hopefully it will calm down soon and i can resume this lackluster training. i was supposed to be off the rest of this week from work. that lasted about 2.5 seconds....

 i do get to spend a lot of time with that face which i always love.

i am catching more days that this is appropriate attire which i really love.

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