15 March 2013

how to train for a marathon...

if you want the proper answer, or even a valid answer, then you have seriously come to the wrong place.

but if you want an honest answer, then you may have come to the right place.

if you want to know how i trained for a marathon then you are definitely in the right place.

let's start off with defining training.

january we started off strong. which led into february where we fell apart.

i ran a total sum of 14 miles in february. PATHETIC.

but like i said, life got in the way.

things like this:

running in shorts in february

funfetti dip for the WIN (i mean super bowl)

this face

that face playing in the snow

a little trip to the great state of mississippi

making some badass tables

being summoned

having the best boss ever

a visit from this face

crazy sky in north georgia

being a good blogger and never blogging but taking pictures of my yogurt stash



day drinking
so if you are like me and life gets in the way of being able to train, you have to wing it. and by life i mean i worked some crazy hours. i drive a truck and trailer and i can't be exhausted. it's not in the cards, and running, well running makes me exhausted by about 2 pm. so it had to be put on hold. evening runs were out of the cards, because most nights i ate oatmeal (like i am a million years old....just add some prunes) and fell asleep by about 830.

here is me winging it:

friday (ahem today):
  • pick up race packet 
  • get made fun of for getting the men's shirt. whatever the women's are cut weird and i don't like em. 
  • panic because you remember you left your brand new shoes at the shop - 2.5 hours away. 
  • buy new shoes! really, really purple shoes...
  • run 5K (oh yea, this is a tradition apparently now. just go with it. it's not because i am an idiot)
  • keg's and egg's. because after all it is st. patty's day and day drinking is a must.
  • most likely drink one more beer than necessary
  • crap out at about 8. 
  • chug some water and pray
  • wake up at ASS crack of dawn. 
  • scarf down whatever food there is that can be consumed with peanut butter
  • get in car
  • ride to marta 
  • ride with your other sleepy enemies, i mean runner friends, and zombie walk to corrals
  • have a little race day panic party
  • run a race
oh and wear a ton of compression gear.

and mainly just remember this because it's hilarious. here are some tidbits...

 all very helpful. and all eerily true.

here's to being dumb and attempting a round two battle royale with 26.2