24 October 2013

judgment day.

judgment day is upon us.

and is it judgement or judgment? are they both correct? dafuq.

tonight at 7 pm myself and 11 other girls + 2 drivers + 1 dog will be on the road to chattanooga.

it's ragnar relay time folks.

now here is how i prepped.

don't sleep for a week and then panic.

ha. not really. but sort of really.

i will say it requires about a gajillion ziploc bags.

but if you pack diligently you get this:

that my friends is some serious precision.

for real though ziploc bags are your friends. pack each leg in a separate bag labeled accordingly. have another ziploc bag for extra clothes that you may want to run in because the temps will vary from 25-58. (ha.ha.ha.ha that's us...). another ziploc bag for extra underwear/clothes to wear once your clean and out of the van at the end/clothes for the ride home.

and lastly stress bake snacks.

follow along instagram and the twittbox.

team name: #carlosdanger


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