11 October 2013

t-rex arms?

a few weeks ago i went rock climbing. inside. although outside is a whole crapton of fun as well. but this was indoors. seeing as i haven't been rock climbing in over a year and a half, to say i was a wee bit nervous was an understatement.

but then again, i am strapped to a wall by a harness that is attached to my waist and a rope that is looped through right at my crotch. what could possible go wrong?

well i will tell you. and no i didn't fall off the wall or get launched into oblivion while belaying.

tra la la la let's play hooky from work and go rock climb. yes please. (side bar: can you play hooky when your boss is with you AND the one that suggested it?)

we roll up to Atlanta Rocks! and see all these camera trucks there. whadafuq?

turns out this little show that you may or may not know called Property Brothers was filming there for the day. fun fact, my boss also works for HGTV. so needless to say this happened:

oh hi there drew.
we signed some waivers and climbed some walls. well i climbed approximately 2. and that one in the background kicked my ass.

speaking of my ass, they decided to film right as i was climbing (flailing) up said wall.  so my ass is going to be hgtv famous. so look for the girl falling of the wall and trying not to yell profanities loudly. (i may have mumbled them into the wall when i missed a hold for the, oh i think, 4th time.)

and that my friends is how you wake up with t-rex arms and derriere that may become famous...

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