20 July 2012


quick post as i am headed out the door for job #3. yes #3, and it's my first day, so i don't want to be late...even though schedules should revolve around me...i'm totally joking. sort of.

today is a rest day on the schedule which is lovely. last night i followed my strength and stretching orders on my training calendar.

strength you might ask? oh yes. kettlebell workout. the greatest and quickest way to put your ass on the floor. quite literally. my favorite part about kettlebell workouts is that i can do it efficiently and with little space. oh, and i get to watch tv.

the rest of strength was a lot of core work during commercials. which meant i got to lay on the floor for most of the night. which coincidentally is one of my favorite things.

i am eating lunch and writing this, and i laughed at what i have on.

yes i am way off center. deal.
i can't be trusted to eat in a dress. mainly because i don't have a table, so i sit on my couch. i was bound to get food on my clothes and i don't want to change, so i just put on an oversized pajama tshirt. good to go.

wish me luck at the new job....