06 July 2012

i'm a rock?

i just finished taking one of those aptitude, this is what type of person you are, tests.

here are my results. as i sort of predicted. like i don't know me....

thanks oprah.com...
it's actually kind of creepy how accurate these things are.

the biggest problem that i find with taking them is that i get bored with them. i have another one sitting open in a different window that has 485 questions. i am about 25 questions in. i predict that one won't be getting finished.

my favorite part about this test is this: "what to watch out for: rapidly changing environments (like a shaky economy) are very hard for you. as a result of such instability, you can spiral into a state where everything seems catastrophic and you're sure life will only get worse."

now, i must say i do tend to this. i don't really know about the "sure life will only get worse" part. but i do seriously panic when things change very quickly. being in the specialty lumber business during an economic meltdown seems to be the thing to look out for. ha. well i love the specialty lumber business, the economy does not. conundrum.

but enough of that for now.

happy belated 4th of july.

i had a bunch of friends that "ran" the peachtree road race. i did not get a bib. it's a bit of a sore spot for me and i am sure my friends are ridiculously tired of hearing about it. but hey, if you have 2 different qualifying times, you should probably get a spot. what do i know...

well 3 of my friends that i would have "run" with all bailed. for different reasons. i also say "run" with because we all run at different paces, so we would have showed up together and left together. one is taking the summer off from running. one left his bib in a different city and the third slept through the morning........

i ran on the great american holiday, but i bailed about 20 minutes in. my IT band still hurts occasionally and when it hurts, i stop running. i also couldn't figure out my shoes. did i tie them to tight, not tight enough? one tighter than the other? it was a disaster.

we spent the day at the pool (after i annoyed them long enough...) and drank some good old fashion beer and ate some watermelon and the usual poolside grilled accessories. delicious.  we watched fireworks and dominated some flip cup. all in all a good day.

and how can it not be when it starts like this:

that is one of my very best friends (who took the summer off from running), eating pastrami out of the box and wearing america, proudly.

this morning i also ran. yesterday morning i did not. my official half marathon seguey into marathon training plan starts in a two weeks. in the meantime, i am going to be running, taking these weirdo aptitude tests, and going home for my dad's 60th.

should be an eventful week before training really begins.