11 July 2012


i ran this morning and decided half way through my run that i was done running. i needed stretching asap.

so i walked home...again...and stretched...again.

this time i looked up specific stretches for things that were bothering me. i.e. my hips.

some fun little exercises from livestrong. actually stretches for runners. and for people who are idiots like me and need picture books to follow along with exercises.

i could really feel the stretch which i really liked. that's two reallys in that one sentence for those keeping track.

since this in now two runs in a row that i have cut short, i decided that maybe it was high time i did something about it.

here is my list of things i am going to start doing:

1. stretching.

not stop short stretching. actual make it burn, feel it stretching...maybe invest in yoga. money is tight, so that will be on the back burner

2. sign up for more races

i almost signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in january - quite a ways a way, but i realized the price is the same as the half that i am running in october...and i am not sure how i feel about that

3. answer the phone

if you know me, you know i don't answer my phone...ever. i am a horrible call screener. but i promise to practice better phone answering skills. and by better i mean maybe answer 75% of the time instead of 25% of the time...better yet, just text me. i will get around to answering those.

4. follow my training plan(s)

i have a new training plan that starts monday - conveniently with a rest day - i am actually going to follow it. i want to see how good i can get at running and there is no time like the present right? so here's to challenging myself.

5. eat healthier.

i eat pretty healthy, but my staples are mainly carbs. always have been. i want to incorporate more protein. problem lies in that i don't eat much meat, so i've got to find it elsewhere.

6. grow this blog.

write more. write often.

that's it for now. which makes this a terribly long and no photo worthy post. well except for this one.

nothing like a little personal embarrassment photo op, right?

photo is after i finished my first half marathon in 2010. woah. 2 years ago. well in december. but 2 years ago. that's a long time ago.

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