16 July 2012


i've been m.i.a. recently because i have been all over the map.

emotionally, physically, mentally. all of it.

i took thursday through today off from everything.

running, technology, the whole nine yards. i put my phone on silent and left it that way.

there is something so gratifying about not being in touch with the world. just existing in your own little planet.

i went home for my daddio's 60th birthday. my brother mikey and i threw him a party. i would say it was a success. it was fun to hang out with my family for an occasion that wasn't christmas/thanksgiving/easter...and i was super pumped at all the people that came out to help us celebrate. i am eternally grateful to everyone who came and helped us wish the best dad in the entire world a very happy birthday.

i was pot committed to my finger up his nose.

the rest of the weekend was spent playing tourist. eating in local restaurants, watching an iron pour, gawking at the most amazing tourist attractions memphis has to offer:

the world out reach dome: the word. a church. yes that is lady liberty with a cross and the ten commandments.

and the best part was the sno-cones.

sno-cones are the epitome of summer to me. well that and swings and the smell of the ocean and fresh cut grass (okay, okay, lots of things make me think of summer). i get really bummed out because there is no where in atlanta to get real sno-cones. none of that shaved hawaiian ice crap.

mmm. naner sno-cone.

all in all it was just what i needed to refresh. well that and mom and i playing about 40 bajillion games of yahtzee.

on my drizzly drive back to atlanta i saw a rainbow. i love rainbows. to me they mean the storm has passed and you have weathered it quite well.

this morning was first day of training for my half in october. and it called for a rest day. who am i to say no to that?