23 July 2012

big weekend.

this weekend was a blast.

an absolute blast.

friday night was tacky prom.

besides being 100 million degrees in the gym where it was held, it was super fun. hunch punch and everything. and good beer. quite the arrangement. i only had one of each and then called it a night.

saturday i drove to macon for the moonlight miles 5k. the race started at 9 and we took trolleys from the finish area to the park where we started.

the biggest hitch was the potty. my friend andrew and i ran this race together. he lives in macon and is the president of bragg jam or something silly. well we got to where the race was to start (yes he actually ran and didn't bail on me) and the bathrooms were locked.  it wasn't stage 10 of potty needing, but it was still an hour and a half before the race started. so i made him (whined enough) walk with me near Mercer University campus to find an acceptable place to pee. we were successful.

most of the race was downhill or flat, and my legs are completely trashed. the humidity was like swimming while running or as i like to say chewing air. BUT it was a success and i now have a new PR 22:31.

19 place overall, 3rd girl to finish, and 2nd in my age group.

i would post a picture of my finish time, but i can't figure out how to find the race results....

follow all that up by taking my swampy self to the bar. half price drinks with our bibs. nothing like being crammed in a bar with a bunch of people you just ran the race with and drinking. instafriends.

oh and friday i got to have one of these...

mmm. my favorite