18 July 2012


when you skip two training sessions because you are sleepy, it may be time to reevaluate the morning  runs. ha, actual running....gross

then i re-plan my day to ensure that i can run in the afternoon. then i go to work and go to other work and before i know it all i want to do is lay back down. or it starts pouring down rain. ahem, today.

so we are back to morning running.

if i woke up to that every morning you can bet your ass i would be out there.

i mean i only missed a 3 mile run and a 1.5 mile track run. so in theory if i combine them tomorrow on my strength and stretch day, we are back to where we started. right? right. that's my theory and i am sticking to it.

today when i went to the post office i had a surprise in the mail.

i love surprises. especially in the mail. no one uses the mail anymore. ya know except for bills. but i love getting mail.

there was a nature box sitting waiting for me. and i must say this is the best nature box yet. who doesn't love pistachios? if you don't then you are weird. you can make it up to me though, but it will take a lot of coaxing.

it's really the little things in life that make me happy.

now i am sitting listening to the thunder and eating carrots and hummus. trader joe's may be heaven on earth. and i hate grocery stores.

they did fail me in my lunch today. i bought artichoke and cheese ravioli. it was either me or the ravioli but we just did not get along. i tried to eat them and ended up throwing them away. i never do this. i always eat what i buy, because it is stupid to buy things and not eat it, but this was just inedible. i am sad to say they failed. they also fail in the hair care department, but that is entirely another thing. not to fear, they make up for it in numerous ways. mainly the peanut butter filled chocolate covered pretzels. ones i would kill for right now....

i know i am crazy, been well aware of that for a hot minute, but i kind of want to sign up for this marathon in february. i mean i haven't even finished the one marathon i signed up for yet, but i want to go ahead and sign up for another. that's how i schedule races. by the seat of my pants. plan later, sign now.

whatever. i do have a 5k this saturday. which coincides nicely with my training plan...

it's a night run. it's pretty much all downhill. and flat. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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