02 July 2012


i currently am laying in bed multi-tasking.

i can't shut my brain off. it's been a big day of big decisions.

so in turn i am writing this, watching center stage, and reading. multi-tasking.

today was a big day other than the decisions.

1. new shorts. they will be tested tomorrow.

look at the cute directions for the ICE in the pocket. however i am not sure many people would think to look in the pocket. i'll stick to my road i.d. bracelet...and the grand finale:

back pocket. for.the.win.

2. my naturebox. ya know in a timely fashion for june....

apple rings, sun-ripened white peaches, citrus kick almonds, organic mighty mix, and harvest fruit granola. i liked the last box, so hopefully this box is good as well.

when i am not running, i am trying to get as close to water as possible. and if i can combine running and water, then i am golden. so the third thing that came in mail was:

international surfing day was June 20th and i donated for the second year in a row to surfrider. got to support the causes you believe in right? check them out here. Surfrider

i pre-apologize for any and all grammar/spelling mistakes. i have had a rough few days. hopefully they are over now. fingers crossed. with a little bit of luck i think they are.

oh and if you want a naturebox let me know, i have a 25% coupon....

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