19 July 2012


this morning my alarm went off at it's usual ungodly hour. i proceeded to snooze for 2 hours. yes TWO. now snoozing is a normalcy in my life, but this was a bit excessive even for me. i really like my bed - well once i am there i do.

but this morning unlike most mornings i realized that i wouldn't have to skip my run because i "slept through" my alarm. i have a nasty habit of turning it off and not realizing. i think i need this guy.

back on task. i didn't have to be at work until 10. which mean i didn't have to leave my house until 9. so that meant i could go run. or swimming for how humid it was at 730 this morning.

that meant i trudged through 4 miles before i thought i was going to vomit. perhaps i should really start getting up at the first alarm bell so i can be fully awake and hydrated to run. i added a new start to my run which always helps me run a little bit further, but today was rough. too much partying, not enough running...eek

after work i drove to dillards because i had some very important shopping i needed to get done. tomorrow night my friends and are i going to this:

how can you say no to something with this tagline:

my mission while at dillards was to find the ugliest prom dress for the least amount of money. luckily, last weekend when i was at home, mom and i had run through dillards for makeup (free makeup. thanks mom!) and i noticed the prom dresses were on uber sale....check yes. this is the gem that i decided on after much texting of pictures back in forth with rachel, my SIL...

it met the requirements: hideous, cheap, sparkly, and did i mention hideous? do people really buy these things?  i would show you what else i tried on, but i deleted those...

i've got that going this weekend and my 5K saturday. i am hoping i can really drop my time under 23 minutes for that one. my last 5K was 23:01 or something silly, so fingers crossed....(yes i realize i could just go look, but that requires effort and i am working at half mast right now).