10 July 2012


sunday morning i woke up bright and early and went running.

i felt good. tried to keep my pace slower so i could run further.

well my hips just weren't having it.

i've been getting better about stretching when i noticed that everything felt tight. but sunday my hips were uncomfortably tight.

after walking home i did some basic stretches and could feel how tight my entire body was.

stress + running = incredibly tight.

my aunt called me and asked if i wanted to go to yoga. it's like she read my mind or something.

normally i am not a huge fan of yoga. i get bored easily. you can't talk. i want to giggle at inappropriate times. but when knowing i needed to stretch i decided to give it a whirl. when i go to yoga i am constantly confused and this is the image filtering through my mind.

after sweating completely through my clothes, oh did i mention this was hot yoga, i felt vaguely relaxed. somewhat stretched, but mainly ridiculously sweaty.

that made for round 2 of sweating through my clothes. you better believe i didn't change out of my running clothes for yoga.

i have been taking a bit of a breather from running until my training program starts officially on monday. i want to go run, but i also want to go back to sleep. sleep in my book wins about 3 out of 5 times

sunday was also pops 60th birthday! wooo birthdays. mikey (my brother) and i are throwing him a party this friday. should be a good time.

yesterday i went to tjmaxx to get a notebook and i stumbled across this lovely:


i literally ran out of peanut butter that morning. and gave the jar to this sweet face:

i love this peanut butter, but it is super expensive. but when you buy it at tjmaxx it is regular peanut butter priced. win.

i ran in my new balance shorts last week - yes i am slow on the review delivery - and i am not sold on them. i like them enough to keep them, but i don't know if they will make the top 5. they need a few more runs before my verdict is completely in.

i also read about this new garmin watch in an article today.


it's called the fenix and it will cost you about $400. i like that it looks like a watch. not a gadget. but i am sticking with old trusty. because it tells me absolutely nothing useful except the time and how long i have been doing something...

besides i am not sure i can maneuver all the functions on that bad boy.

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