01 July 2012

friday, sunday, someday.

this post started on friday and was going to be about the funeral. well i edited it about 4 times and finally deleted it.

so now i am starting over on a sunday. two days of writing and editing gone. i just couldn't write it. i'm not quite ready.

i thought perhaps i would just go back to what i do best and that's talking about the anticipation of things that i have bought and making (finally) a training plan.

new balance shorts are probably sitting at my post office box awaiting my retrieval of them as well as my nature box for june. timely i know.

i am excited to see what is in the nature box as the last one didn't disappoint. well the trail mix was a bit bizarre, but that's mainly because i don't like coconut.

the shorts. well the shorts i am really excited about. i could now be up to 4 pairs of shorts that i cannot live without. 5 if we count the one pair of nike tempo shorts i wear regularly. i don't buy nike apparel anymore since they resigned michael vick to a new contract. but that is a story for a different place and an entirely different time.

shorts in ranking order:

4. nike tempo

similar to these but mine are approximately 6 years old....i'm not going to talk about them, because odds are good to excellent that everyone already knows the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding these.

3. patagonia trail runner

these. they are amazingly comfortable. the only reason they are in the 3 spot is because of having no back pocket. i love them. i wear them unabashedly everywhere. 

2. brooks something or another that i have completely forgotten

these, but way prettier. double back pockets and very comfortable. i wore them for 3 days straight and 4 out of 5 days. that's a lot of wear. 

1. tnf better than naked

these, but blue instead of pink. super sale. back pocket. literally feel like you are wearing nothing. flattering too. you know as much as running shorts can be and all...

if we are being quite frank 1 - 3 are interchangeable depending on how i am feeling about my butt in the shorts. my butt sometime disagrees with how tight it would like for fabric to be stretched across it. on really bad days, i wear the nike tempo because they are too big, but that's the way that i like them. baggy parachutes if you will. it's an attractive look i am sure.

when i flew home i missed my flight. by a mere 5 minutes. an audible son of a bitch came out of my mouth and i then sat in the airport for the next FOUR hours.

and if you think i just sat like a normal person and read a book, you would be quite mistaken. i mean i did do that, but i also decided that i needed a beer (or 3). so off in search of a bar i went. i posted up at the nearest one to ensure that i didn't miss flight number 2, and started doing this:

beer and training plans. if you see my instagram (dotspiot) you would already know all of this. but i made a decision on my half marathon training plan and am still working out the kinks to making this flow into my full marathon training.

this is going to be an interesting summer and fall to say the least...

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