23 April 2013


i had a mini precursor breakdown yesterday.

does anyone have those? the one where you know something is wrong, but you can't quite put your finger on it because it's like 20 bajillion different little things and this breakdown is in hopes that you won't have a huge full on mega meltdown.

there usually aren't tears and not as many people are hurt by the blowback, but something feels hinky. yes, hinky, go with it. it is totally a word.


saturday i ran a glorious 9 miles. i am not even really sure why i stopped running. it was one of those stars align and all is right with the running gods type of run. it's ever allusive and we all strive to achieve it.

tweeting it makes it real, correct?

i mean it could of had something to do with my stellar diet that day. cereal, cheese squares with wheat thins, and a box of macaroni and cheese. yes an entire box. i can dominate one of those bad boys no question.

that one to be exact. i have a theory that if the mac and cheese comes in shapes, you don't actually get the same amount in the box. not that i can't eat an entire box of the non-bunny shaped variety. and they were on sale for $1 at target.

sunday the princess and i forwent a run for a walkabout. which was lovely and calm.

yesterday we did the dreaded runch. i just wasn't feeling that four mile run. it was awkwardly hot and cold. then we went on a walk later in the afternoon.

yesterday i also ate ramen for lunch. because i am an adult. hey i made it fancy. but my real problem with ramen is who eats 1/2 a brick? WHO?

serving size:

and that is where i end my post, because i don't want to admit that i may or may not have eaten another box of mac and cheese for dinner. of the non bunny variety...