14 April 2013


this week was a bit hectic for me with work.

i was put in charge of the task of making sure that a table was completed on time for a charity function on friday.

which meant that in reality the table should be ready on thursday to plan for any hiccups that may occur.

and you know what i did, i got everything done on thurdsay. boom.

a little preview of the table. there are better pictures on facebook. anyways, the table was for this benefit called Lauraine's Table. darwin and his friends got together and decided they were going to build tables and sell seats at them at restaurants around town to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. they have a good friend Lauraine, who is currently fighting the good fight against LLS.

the benefit was friday night and was a huge success. it was amazing to see the turnout and meet a bunch of new faces.

saturday i had every intention of getting out of the house to do a short run, but my mom called me and my saturday fell apart.

my dog, coney, that i have had since i was 14 passed away on saturday morning. needless to say, i have been a bit of a mess.

he's been my best friend for 13 years. i could not have asked for a better pet. i love him to pieces and i am really sad that he is gone now. he taught me so much about patience and love. i know it was for the best, but damnit he was supposed to live forever. it's going to be really weird to go home and he not be there. he was always so excited about everything, and that's going to be my new outlook. be excited about everything even if it isn't exactly what i want to do.

darwin was kind enough to know that i am a hot mess right now, and brought over the fuzzybutt to keep me company this weekend. i immediately started crying when they walked in my door. i almost told him to take her back, because i didn't know if i could handle it.

but we hung out and she knew not to test her limits. we went on a walk later in the day and i swear it was black lab central. everywhere we went there were these sweet lab faces and i almost cried every single time i saw one. somehow they just know that something is wrong and they would all give me that sad, i am sorry face.

today we got up and ran an easy 7 miles. it was nice to just be outside. i sure do miss my coneman, but i know each day will get a little bit easier.

nothing like learning your life lessons from your pet. if you have a pet, please hug them tight for me.