09 April 2013

weekend wrap up on a tuesday

because i did nothing productive on monday, except for work, i figured that an update wasn't really in the cards.

i am rather distracted today. my brain is all over the place and i don't even know where to start reigning that sucker in.

mainly i blame the three sips of diet coke i had this morning.

lesson learned.

anyways back to this weekend round up. atlanta was beautiful this weekend. absolutely beautiful.

friday led with me ugly screaming at our insurance company. it was not pretty and i am not proud, but it was necessary. so that led to power drinking friday night.

lindsay and i drank some beers, shared some laughs, tried not to cry, and discussed her upcoming half marathon in may. a good time was had by all. and i was home and asleep by about 1045.

also my first bartender told me that i could barter with him for my check. i laughed it off, but all i could think was man that's awkward and uncomfortable. 

that led to a rough saturday morning. and i mean ROUGH. i don't really drink all that much but woof. after much back and forth texting with lindsay to get us motivated to go run, i set out. i made my 3 mile loop and almost died. i wanted to vomit and all i could think while running is where does one vomit when running through neighborhoods? i haven't quite figured out the best answer to that one yet.

atlanta this weekend held the final four, which meant there were a lot of activities going on. well, lindsay and i decided we were going to partake in the free concerts that were going on downtown. we hopped in my car and drove over there and drove around trying to find parking and ultimately threw in the towel. too many people, too many people, TOO MANY PEOPLE. so we found ourselves a nice little patio and sat out and enjoyed the sunshine, and the bird poop. yes bird poop.

we called it a wrap about 630 or so and i went and grabbed the furry monster so i could have some company.

sunday i woke up and ran with my friend court and her dad. courtney and i ran cross country in high school. she has since gone on to run a couple of marathons, an ultra, trail races, and a triathalon. she's basically badass. we started laughing because when we were in high school we thought people were crazy for running longer than 3 miles. snarked at them really. but here we are.

we ran about 12 miles slow and did a little tour of the city. it was a neat way to see the city and have  a relaxing run (even if i thought i would die at points). it's fun to run early on sunday mornings because no one is out and the city is quite peaceful. and ya know running with old friends you remember a lot of crazy stories. A LOT.

afterwards i came home and promptly fell asleep with the monster.

and then i went out again. (i know, 3 days in a row, who am i?)

a few muddled drinks between friends. and a beautiful sunset!

okay, now i am sleepy, and playing with my new phone and hanging out with the monster. until next time....

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