19 April 2013

friday five.

the rain has sapped all my brainpower. all i want to do is take the monster and cocoon into the covers and never come out. judging by the drool on my keyboard (not mine) and this setup, i would say that praia girl is on board with that plan.

so here is my friday five.

1. score of the day at target. 3 boxes, 4 packets each, 12 packets total for $6. #winning

2. these showed up in the mail yesterday and i am PUMPED. buy things from me. #helpmeimpoor

3. this happened today. watch out costa rica, i'm coming for you!

4. i really, really want this kate spade iphone case. perhaps even NEED it. 

5. i can't stop watching the coverage on boston. like have been watching it since about 5 this morning. and not a whole lot has been reported or changed since the first couple of stories this morning. but this is amazing to me. #prayforboston