04 April 2013


blank calendars are kind of frightening for me in my line of work.

running a company and not having anything on the books does not spread joyous hope and unicorns.

but when it comes to my running calendar, it's pretty relaxing to not have any planned workouts. to just be able to go out there and run or not run. whatever i feel like that morning. and some mornings i want to be in my bed with as many covers as possible before actual suffocation hits. preferably with the fuzzy monster sharing my pillow.

nada. zilch. nothing.
i like being able to take it easy and just chill. i am sure it won't last long as i know there are about 4 5ks that i am supposed to have signed up for, and haven't quite gotten around to that...

yesterday i wore around my new oiselle shorts with full intentions of taking the fuzzy one on a run but then i decided not too and i just wore them around all day. and it was only 50 outside so they weren't exactly the most practical decision i've ever made...

let me tell you how i came to have these lovely beauties.

as i was driving to beach in the rain, i glanced down and notice that courtney has tweeted to me that oiselle was on the clymb that day.


so what does any sane and logical person do? they clearly pull into a gas station to search the sale on their phone. duh

totally reasonable no? good, i am glad we are on the same page here.

and then this happened and my life was complete.


and now i can die happy.

i don't know how i forgot to even mention this but those shorts, have a butt pocket, a side pocket, and two back pockets. SO MANY POCKETS. and they are super comfortable.

oh and if you don't know about oiselle you are a bonehead, but i'll forgive you. just this once though. and the clymb, well if you would like to be a member then sign up or don't. it will be your loss and my oiselle gain...strategy (apparently stratergery is not a word) right there folks.