03 April 2013

making up a race

while i was in the good old baton rouge last weekend for easter, my cousin decided that it would be a good idea to run the new orleans crescent city classic.

don't ask me what the allstate sugar bowl has to do with this. i just nod agreeably.

so this race is a 10k, and we promised my aunt we would walk it because my cousin is still awaiting to hear back from her doctor for the okay to run.

we called the hotel where the race expo was and the nice front desk lady gave me the number of the people in charge. except that it was to an art gallery. #fail

find the correct phone number online and we find out there is no race day registration or phone in registration. not a huge dilemma, we will just drive down to NOLA and get everything squared away. well here is where things began to fall apart.

we had been day drinking, and shoveling crawfish into our faces as fast as humanly possible. i still rank amateur in that department because i have missed this celebration for the past 5 years or so. oof. anyhows, shit hit the proverbial fan and as my cousin and i are making our way to NOLA i convince her that maybe we should just pull over and breathe for a minute.

that pulling over resulted in stopping in for daquiris (and no i don't know how to spell daquiris, and i am fairly convince NO ONE does). and there my genius struck me.

instead of running a race out of spite, ahem walking, driving to NOLA tonight, and then back at the ass crack of dawn, why don't we make our own race. we can have tshirts, beer, you name it.

::pats self on the back:: still awaiting applause, trophies, nomination into sainthood. the works.

baton rouge is home of the LSU tigers for those of you living in a hole. they have this spot called the LSU lakes and it has a 4 mile loop. PERFECT. we can go wog (walk/jog) that bad boy and have ourselves our own little race. there were no medals at the end but the view was stunning and sometimes it's nice to have no pressure.

here are our race day shirts:

ours aren't v-neck, but you get the idea. they are super soft and super comfortable.

all in all i am happy with our decision to not go to NOLA. sometimes making your own race is more fun.

and the popcorn and beer at the end were PHENOMENAL.

close up of the shirt

you too can have a tshirt: http://www.storyvilleapparel.com/that-fish-cray-gray-v-neck.html

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