18 April 2013


this morning i ran with the furrymonster, did a little blogging, read a few blogs, sent some e-mails, ate breakfast, and then generally procrastinated. not really, but there isn't a whole lot to do after you've sent out e-mails.

i've been trying to get better about getting out of bed when i wake up, but some  mornings i am either up at 452 or i snooze until 7. and snoozing until 7 i can get away with some mornings. this morning i was able to take that luxury and then still run about 4 miles with the monster before anything life altering had to occur.

that life altering thing was taming the mop that i was calling my hair these days. i am really bad about remembering to go get my hair cut. then comes the day where all i want to do is lop it all off and call it a day. so today i went and lopped it off. well not really, but a sizable portion is now removed from my noggin.

taking pictures of yourself is awkward. or i am awkward. probably a combo of the two.

now that my head feels about 10 pounds lighter, i am currently cruising craigslist. there are ALWAYS some gems on that bad boy. today is for a specific purpose (aside from updating the wood business account). on monday i started a company.

a quickbooks company to be exact. it's not glamourous, but i am good at it, and i figured instead of getting paid 1099 style, i can funnel everything through an actual company. be legit and things. thus the craigslist trolling. i've been hunting down leads for people who need part time work. listen up atlanta folks, who needs some quickbooks assistance? hmmmmm.

this also means that fuzzy and i are doing this.

then we moved onto this.

but then the cats came out and we were quickly ushered inside.