01 April 2013

post easter detox

i don't know about you guys, but i am exhausted.

last wednesday i flew home.

complete with delayed flight. i did what any rational adult does and pouted and ate cheetos. by time i got to memphis it was 945 and i was sleepy.

thursday morning we got up and drove to baton rouge. dad and i did our best to annoy mom and coneyman slept like this.

mom is an amazing picture taker
friday we had a crawfish boil. which started with a 3.32 mile run. first run post marathon and i felt pretty good. aside from it being ass hot and i was dehydrated. but everything felt like it was supposed too. and then the day drinking began. MIMOSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meeemosas.

pretty spot on.

and then these beauties came to play....

i think i ate my weight in crawfish. and those heads of garlic were like little pods sent straight from heaven. especially if you put a piece on a potato with a crawfish tail. OH.MY.GOD.

saturday my cousin and i made up our own race, since getting to new orleans to do the crescent city classic required a lot of coordination that was just too much to handle. also, dad and i went and saw OZ. it is AMAZING. and for someone that is a purist and only likes the wizard of oz, i really really enjoyed this movie. it's long without dragging on, it's funny without being corny and it's not super little kid movie like. and james franco is in it...done

sunday we went to mass and then ate some more because ya know, we hadn't done enough of that... then we drove home.

my thoughts exactly bub

this morning i flew back to atlanta, and i am trying to figure out what time my brain thinks it is, because i am fairly positive the last time i slept was tuesday night.. which how can you not sleep the day after you get back from vacation? oh did i forget to mention that the monday before i flew out, i drove back from the beach? please, please feel sorry for me...

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