06 May 2013

life is a beach, i'm just playing in the sand.

because apparently my life is one big vacation.

or so it may seem. it's not i promise, but i have been away from technology for the most part until today.

i was at the beach. you caught me red handed.

i just can't stay away  from it's amazingness.

now, i did run though. almost everyday. except when it was raining, or i didn't want too. but really i ran 4 out of 6 days. okay fine it was 7.5 days, but who's counting?

so here is a picture recap for you of my week....

vitamin water is foul. but this, i am on board with this
freshly painted toes for the beach.

my coffee::mom's coffee

lunch time beer and tuna sandwich. believe it.

first sunset.

first beach day.

beachside flowers.

yes please.


sandy toes, stormy skies, and a chobani snack.

sunscreen, sand, salt, and unwashed hair.

rainstorm happy hour

crazy clouds.

uh what alabama?

 dad surprised mom at the airport when she got home with a new dog. his name is sport, and he likes dad more than mom....my how the tides have changed.

oh and this happened. #WINNING

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