13 May 2013

ingenuity at it's finest.

here's the thing. i really really like running, but i also really really like sleeping and beer. let's not forget about beer.

i actually am highly functional on very little sleep. well for the most part. give me a diet coke and i am up for days with these lemur eyes that just won't quit. yea, you're welcome for that.

maybe slightly more terrifying or less terrifying than that. i don't know people, you'd have to ask those around me. i can't see my own eyeballs. but i know for shit that is what my eyeballs feel like when i am all hopped on the caffeine.

i digress.

there was a point in this somewhere. and it was that i love running. i really do. i actually train better when i have absolutely nothing to train for. that being said, i was a big fat non runner last week. just didn't have it in me. got dressed like a runner, but never actually made it out the door. wearing the running clothes totally counts in my book. (i can flat call myself out, can't i?)

anyhows. so sunday i wanted to run. and i did run. but i took a very, very different approach than normal.

mostly in the fact that i watched netflix for the greater part of the morning, sat outside reading with the monster, and generally getting sidetracked from everything i was trying to do.

and then came time for the run. well sidetrack number 800 bajillion came into play. time for the monster to go home. time to talk business with ze boss (that's another story for a whole different blog). time for tasha to text me and ask if i want to meet for some muddled drinks.

WHY yes i would LOVE some muddled drinks my good friend.

so here's the dilemma, i have no time to run but i am wearing my running clothes. INGENIOUS idea pops into my head.

RUN. TO. THE. BAR. duh. it's so glaringly obvious why did i not think of this sooner?

i did just that. i ran to the bar. a little sweaty, and a little smelly, but damnit i wasn't about to miss out on the muddled's. so i had one of those and immediately switched to beer, because woof i was still dehydrated from friday's drink-a-thon (no bar running was involved then).

BUT then i literally ran into a problem. it's late and i still have to get home. albeit slightly tipsier than when i started this idea.

we are so white. and we love free shit. 

well what's a runner to do? well she runs home that's what she does.

there you have it folks. my ingenious solution still has a few kinks, but i am on board with it. it's efficient, i get to utilize my butt pocket in my shorts (and we all know how much i like that sucker), i still can hang with my friends, and you are guaranteed to sober up a smidge because well, ya know, you have to run home...

*no runners were harmed in this post*

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