24 March 2014

i did something.

this weekend was filled with fun and new things to me.

mom came in town friday and we got the weekend festivities started off right!
making friends with our favorite waitress.

then saturday moms and i went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. i have never been and this weekend the weather was just beautiful for it. and they have an orchid house. sign me up.

i will gladly take any of those orchids. or tulips. or dandelions. i love springtime.

also on saturday i decided to do something. something that is basic runner blasphemy. i decided to cheat on my shoes of choice. my reasoning being that i need a durable shoe that doesn't break my budget. and since my budget is in the realm of zero dollars, mizunos are getting quite expensive. i love them and they will always be my first true love, but i decide to change it up.

here are my brand new shiny brooks.
i can't wait to actually get some road time on them and see how they are. but for almost less than over half the price of mizunos i hope they work out (i hope that sentence makes sense...)

i have heard great things about them from fellow runner friends and was intrigued by the price point and the quality of the shoe. also DSW has them on sale. Brooks Cadence please be nice to me so that i can continue to purchase you...and or go and purchase all of you from DSW. fingers crossed

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