11 March 2014

springtime is in the air

what to do when you are on a running hiatus.

firstly try not to eat all the foods. i fail at this some days. because foods are delicious and i love them. and also because i am poor.

lately when i go to the grocery store (the bane of my existence) i just buy a lot of fruit and veggies. oh and yogurt. the amount of yogurt in my fridge is comical. i attempt the outside rule. only buy things that are on the outer edges of the grocery store. sometimes i fail and sometimes i win. although is it really failing when you get ice cream for a dollar?

secondly i am still working out. no running though. i am trying to let my ankle heal thoroughly before i really try that out. this weekend is supposed to be another pretty weekend so i am going to maybe tentatively mark a day to go for a run.

this working out thing. two workouts that i like. one is easy and i do it twice a day most days.

50 squats
50 sumo squats
50 crunches
10 v crunches
10 pushups if i am feeling crazy 

i split it up so that i am not doing 50 of anything at one time because woof. i also add 10 seconds of baby pulses (that's what i call it) at then end of each set.

this is a v cruch:
 i do them a little differently, but effectively the same move.

this is what i feel like afterwards:

the second work out is one that i found from GoldfishKiss. if you ever want to read a blog about someone who does some really amazing things and someone that if i could be friends with her and or have her life i wouldn't bat an eye and would absolutely jump at the chance, go read hers. anyways...

she posted this workout that she found on the pinterest. the deck of cards workout. basically you assign each suit a specific move. then you correspond the number of the card for that suit to the number of what you do. face cards are ten and the ace is eleven.

depending on what you pick i sometimes add 10 for it to be a little more affective. like squats because those are easy. burpees however, nope i will gladly take the card value.

you will be sweaty and gross, but feel super accomplished.

thirdly the sunshine.

it's becoming springtime around these parts and who can say no to being outside? not me. i love the sun. anyway i can get it. preferably with a body of water around, but i'll take spring weather any time because the winter sucks.

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