14 March 2014

friday. Friday. FRIDAY. FRIIIIIDAY.

it's friday and i have cried twice.

you know those days that just start off on the wrong foot and keep getting wronger? well that was today.

it all started innocently enough. last night i drove up to the shop as i was supposed to make a couple of deliveries for the now defunct wood company. well i got here and there was no heat. because the propane tank was empty. the one i just had filled in october and we have been here a total of maybe 10 times since then. fail. epic fail.

i found all the blankets i could. if you think i am joking i am not. i had two down comforters, a target blanket, a blanket my mom made, and a quilt. ALL the blankets.

i woke up this lovely friday morning and it was 48 degrees in the apartment. weeeeee freezing.

i tried to get everything done and i failed. failed miserably. and then i cried. ugly ugly girl cried. big ole crocodile tears.
similar. maybe not quite so ugly.

darwin talked me off my ledge and he was right, at the end of the day it's not worth getting hurt if i can't get everything done. the wood company will still be here monday and i can reassess then to get everything accomplished. risking driving a truck and trailer when i am upset isn't a good idea and it isn't safe. so i cancelled today.

i cancelled an entire day.

i got everything prepped, that i could, for delivery next week.

i did some laundry.

i took apart this beautiful bookshelf so that i can put it at my house.
i am going to make quinoa fried rice for dinner. and hopefully it will look like this:
i've watched Fast and Furious no less than 4 times in under 24 hours. and am currently going for a record in how many times i can watch it.

i also scored Oiselle distance shorts for $20 with shipping. #winning

all in all cancelling this friday hasn't been so terrible. once i got the tears subsided i calmed down considerably.

i can be really hard on myself and i then in turn set unrealistic expectations. i am slowly learning that is a terrible way to live my life (--->SLOW LEARNER<---). i am taking the rest of the day to find the calm and hopefully keep some of it.

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