06 May 2014

starting over.

starting over is hard.

no matter how much you tell yourself it's for the best, starting over sucks.

easter weekend i decided it was time to get back on the running horse. after a third failed marathon and a marathon injury, i was a little hesitant.

after living the off time in leggings i knew that my fitness was going to be seriously lacking. taking two months off of anything is going to lead to a rough starting over period.

but i tied on my shiny new kicks and i walked out the door to be greeted by some serious humidity (thanks louisiana) and i ran around the block. i timed it on my watch but i didn't gps track it. so i have no idea how far it is. i just know that 12.5 minutes later i was back where i started and thought i was dying.
the next day i took to that same block, added a street, and i went around it twice. in 28 minutes and change i was back where i started. i felt better than the day before, but it wasn't pretty. oh man it wasn't pretty.

and then i started running at home again. and sometimes i wear things as encouragement to myself to remember what i am capable of and what i have accomplished and absolutely have the ability to accomplish again.
ragnar for the win.

then i signed up for a race. because there is no wake up call quite like the you paid for this, so now what?

it was just a 5k and andrew signed up with me and bailed last minute, but i still got my butt out of bed and i went and ran my first race post injury. so it was an automatic PR. ahhh instant gratification.
on top of starting over in my running career, i've also made a move and am working in an office building. i am saddened to say that the wood company is now debunked. i still work in the mechanic shop, but i am in an office three days a week. which means i have to wear adult clothes. i am not a fan of the work clothes (pants are hard), but i do enjoy the work. the days go by fast, but sometimes my roommate and i send each other gems of text messages and she gets things like this:
that hair is approximately 3 days old with 3 days worth of sweat and outside in it. mhmm. all girls catholic school really ruined my take on hygiene.

when you work in an office, you don't have to hoard your favorite pens like some kind of pen apocolypse is going to happen because there are pens EVERYWHERE. or in my case, i am building an army. out of bulldog clips. ITS FINE.
i have so many more than that too. that was like day three when i didn't really have anything to do and i found so many and tried to organize them....

change is hard, but i also remember that i am capable of doing hard things and with hard things comes progress and accomplishments and also the bright and shining ray that going surfing or to the beach may be somewhat affordable. because the beach is always the end game. ALWAYS.