28 July 2014

Moonlight Miles 5K

small town races are quite possible the greatest things in the entire running world.

moonlight miles is the epitome of small town race.

partly because of this:

we aren't looking at the time folks, because hi, slow, but the numbers that say 20 and OH WAIT DOES THAT SAY NUMBER ONE FEMALE....oh it sure does

partly because they hand out glow sticks and do pre race yoga:

and then you take PRETTY pictures like this:
or your roommate bites you...
 partly because when you have the honor of winning first place female you get a sweet prize:
also, i would like to note two things:

1. the male winner beat me by a solid 9 minutes. almost ten.

2. the lovely girl who came up to me at the end and so rudely asked how old i was because she knew there was no way i was 18. hi thanks macon...keep it classy.

partly because the most fun part about this race is that everyone is so friendly, it's at night (so no one can really see your ugly face or how slow you're going), and there is beer. and if you know anything about me: i like beer.

mostly because one of my prizes was gift certificate to the bar that if you wore your bib you got half off your beer. which was already absurdly underpriced and so you do like me and buy all your friend's beer, and still aren't even remotely near the total and you tell the bartender to just keep whatever is leftover, because #FirstLady.

oh, did i not mention? when you are the first female runner on the course, everyone calls you First Lady, and it's AWESOME.

until next time macon, #keepitclassy.

also if you are ever in macon, never eat Kudzu Catering <-- they are dillholes and need to be punished. trust me, i am an expert.

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