28 September 2014

sink or swim.

it's been precisely two months since i have graced this little place with my presence.

here is what i have been doing for those two months.

1. not running.

blasphemy i know. i've been walking with the rooms, but i just haven't felt the need to be running. it makes me sad, because i miss it. which i guess would be reason enough to get my butt moving and out the door.

there are a million different excuses - reasons, if you will - as to why i stopped. the biggest being i was/am tired all the time. which if i thought about it reasonably would mean it was high time to incorporate running back into the regime. but alas, the shoes sit unworn. except for that glorious week at the beach. i wore them then AND i kicked it old school.

2. wearing the same nail polish for seven days in a row.

i am someone who is well renowned for wearing nail polish for about 48 hours before i chip it and then need to get it off. and like right this instance get it off. but i put on nail polish last sunday and i am proud to say that not only did it stay put and not chip until today, i didn't even try to pick it off until today. #winning

p.s. it's that sinful colors brand. who knew the cheaper the polish the longer it would last on my phalanges?

3. rocking fake tattoos.

because why not.

also because i have a huge girl crush on the lovely lady over at goldfish kiss and she collaborated with flash tattoos. when i saw them i knew i must have them. they last about 4 days before they start to fade. or if you are me you wear them for about a month before you actually take them off. 

do yourself a favor and check them out. you won't regret it.

4. making a big decision.

after spending the last ten years in georgia,YIKES. 10. that's a big number, i have made the life altering decision to move home. my brother and sister-in-law just had a little tiny and i miss family sundays. i'm not ashamed to say it. i am homesick. my lease is up, my job is, well, stagnant, and if there is ever a time to up and alter your whole life, it's less than a month after your 28th birthday.

so here's to 28. i hope it's a good one. i'm going to make it a good one. being home is going to afford me a lot of opportunities and the chance to decide where my next step is. hopefully ::cough cough:: phoenix.

i miss my babes.
5. making an even bigger decision.

with the decision to move home i have the amazing opportunity to go to guatemala for a month and volunteer. volunteering is something that has always been on my mind as something important and life altering, but like everything else, there are always excuses. so i decided that being able to move home means that now is the time. sink or swim. and i've decided to stop treading water and actually start swimming.

hopefully all these things mean good things and times to come and i am confident in the decisions that i have made. it's time to stop talking and start acting.