21 August 2012


today marks my second day of what i like to call vacation detox.


why is it always easier to get up early on vacation and run, but when you get home it's like a permahangover? the flipside is that the first run back from vacation always feels amazing.

or it really may have just been that it was 66 degrees outside this morning at 715. yes i woke up late and yes i ran. win for me.

yesterday i made myself promise that i was going to eat my meals at home and make them clean. so far so good. i downloaded an app on my new ipadular (still don't know how to work that bad boy) that let's me track what i eat. it will probably last all of a week....BUT it's a start.

after going to the grocery store and coming home with the essentials:

peanut butter

and some not so essentials:

necatarines (never eaten one...)
grapes (they were absolutely essential at the time)

yes the not so essentials should probably meander their way into essentials, but such is life. 

i always buy protein bars. and yesterday was no exception. i did however branch out and purchased these bad boys:

they don't have a lot of protein in them, but they taste just like nutragrain bars. delicious.

dinner the past two nights has been tofu tacos. i read the recipe like making process here. (LOVE HER. )

they are super easy, and i made a ton so all i have to do is mix in more veggies and reheat. and the options are endless...

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