08 August 2012

soul soothing.

i've taken two more days off.

i don't particularly feel bad about it. actually i don't feel bad about it at all.  i need to get things in my life straightened before i can really devote the energy and dedication i know i have back into running.

one of my best friends and best running partner in crime (pic) - HEY COURT! - has been helping me get back to where i know i can be and want to be.

running is tough. it will beat you up as long as you let it. well i want to get back into the fight. i've been perusing some more races because those are my favorite part. hands down.

racing makes everything worth it. not particularly the times that i run, or placing, but the energy. everyone is there because they want to (well almost everyone). they want to prove to themselves they can do it.

i know i can do it. now it's time to get back out there.

the family and i are headed to beach this weekend...well pops and i are. mom is meeting us later in the week. this vacation can't come fast enough.

the ocean realigns everything for me.

i wrote this about the ocean a while ago and i want to share it, even though it terrifies me...

the sea is calling,
the sea is always
calling. the waves,
the sand, the salt,
the sun and the
breeze are waiting
your arrival. don't be
too long for the
soul aches to see
the sunrise hit
the waves and the
sand begin to stir
with the morning
breeze. one's soul
is instantly soothed.
so don't be too long.
but then again it's
always too long
when your soul is
away from the sea.

this is my constant state when i think of the ocean.

here's to doing something that scares you everyday. you can't grow if you don't.

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