22 August 2012


some days afternoon runs win out over morning runs. taken out of context that sounds terrible.

today was one of those days. mainly because i didn't have to be at the store until 10, so that meant i could sleep in, which really meant that i could be awake and read my book while my bed gave me hug. GLORIOUS.

normally when i tell myself i am going to afternoon run, it usually means that i am going to come home, collapse on my couch and fall asleep.

i however had a baby diet coke at lunch and was annoying the everliving shit out of myself, so running was really my only option. lesson learned. touche baby diet coke, touche.

out i went in my new compression songs from chateau d'target. i'm not at all positive they do what compression socks are supposed to do, but they do tell which foot to put them on?

you're welcome for that awesome graininess. i am pretty finicky about my socks, but i liked these. so win? $9 for two pairs; hard to beat that in my book.

armed with my new socks and my old watch, i set out. about 6 miles later i was back. mainly because it was dark and atlanta has craters that will eat you whole in the side walk. i felt good, but was weary of going much further because i was close to my house.

crazy how i will run in the wee hours of the morning without a care, but afternoons creep me out. but this was accomplished. my poor old watch is on her last leg...i'm in denial.

again, you're welcome. i also have no idea how to rotate that bad boy. but i do know my phone, computer, and ipad talk to each other, so i know longer have to email pictures to myself to post on here. ahh technology.

i'm typing this while sitting on the floor, "strectching," eating a rather soggy bowl of cereal (with small spoon) because i forgot about it, a side of grapes, and mainly this:

with some more of this:

finally this one because well just because:

yes i tumbl, or however the cool kids say it. again refer back to the last post. i'm not cool. but sometimes i pretend. and i am a sucker for pretty picture collages. especially if i get to create them.

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