20 August 2012

are brushes mandatory to being an adult?

praia and i got back from the beach last night...

i was about as exhausted as someone can be, but couldn't sleep.

i took this morning off from running. i did not take this morning off from brushing my hair.

today was the first day that i brushed my hair in 9 days? 8 days? it was always clean(ish), but i never brushed it.

i am a little crispy, but refreshed. best.week.ever.

my vacation started off with dad and i going to an iron pour. if you are in atlanta, go to elliott street pub and watch the iron pour. go right now, do not wait. absolute blast.

then we set sail for the beach!! (ya know as much sailing as you can do in a ford expedition)

complete with rocket fuel....

so close we can smell it...


the rest of the week was a blur of: run, swim, breakfast - beer, beer, lunch, beer, beer, dinner, vodka, ice cream, sleep. wake up and repeat.

praia and i ran and swam in the mornings. she is pooped. didn't even move this morning.

if you follow me on instagram you would have seen my pictures. if not, then whatever, get with the program, all the cool kids are doing instagram. or aren't. i'm not sure, i'm not one of them...

here are some more pictures. just to make you jealous. and me sad. everyone loses at this game.

i want to go back. silly work and life.