06 November 2013


what do girls talk about when crammed (not even slightly crammed) into a sketchy white van traveling from chattanooga to nashville?

here's a top 5 if you will:

1. boys.

who is dating who. who is married. who likes who. the usual girl gossip. standard.

2. food.

because, well duh, we are running from chattanooga to nashville. and we may have had a brownie taste off. it was fairly cut throat. sides were picked early on.

mostly how much we wanted carbs. lots and lots of carbs. don't you fret. we found this great establishment and made a dent. a SIZEABLE dent.

3. pooping

or the lack there of for some of us in the van. that one circulated about every three hours. it's hard not to talk about in a group of runners.

along with poop came the discussion of having to maybe have to poop, but not wanting to drink coffee in fear of what would happen on your upcoming leg....

4. running


5. where some article of clothing may have vanished to/can you pass said article of clothing, cookies, muffins, water, peanut butter....

6. (because i just remembered) funny, creepy things we encountered on this journey.

like the discount grocery store that Carrie kept calling the savvy shopper. it was like the tj maxx of grocer stores. but creepier.

or the fact that i had two dinners sitting on the asphalt of a parking lot.

so join a ragnar team. it's life changing. we may already be planning our next one/ how many races we can run together.