08 November 2013

nicaragua bound.

i think i may be crippled.

like no joke.

perhaps going to crossfit wasn't my best idea two days before going surfing for a week. woops.

but anyhowsie. does anyone else panic shop before they go out of town? i know most people manic clean, and i would do that, but that would require having a dresser and that just isn't in the budget. but now that i think about, perhaps i should have panic bought a dresser. THAT would have made sense.

i got sucked into the vortex that is target. i needed ONE thing. ONE. a travel bottle for sunscreen. you know what i got. TWO of those. TWO shirts (ahem $5 each...). and stick sunscreen.

then i got sucked into the vortex that is tjmaxx. i needed a raincoat. i did not need the other shirt or the running shirt or the jacket (that may get returned). i did succeed in raincoat purchasing so there's that.

if you saw my instagram yesterday then you know this happened.

and by that i mean this (i'm not having a technology day):

yep i pulled a ragnar. but this is a weeks worth of stuff packed into a bookbag. and somehow way easier to accomplish.

i am trying to get motivated to go for a run because it's 60 out right now, but i am having trouble feeling my person and i think maybe taking today off and foam rolling and stretching sounds way better.

oh and all i want to do is listen to stevie wonder. weird, but amazing all at the same time. i'm highly entertained dancing around my room.

weeeeeeee nicaragua. not so much the 4am wake up call to get to the airport on time. woof.