04 November 2013

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

1. long sleeves and shorts running weather. definitely took advantage of that with my roundabout running that i did this morning.

-run out of apartment, around a neighborhood, to darwin's CF gym, pick up praia, run down to my old neighborhood (with a pit stop for some doggy bags....), back up to the CF gym (with a pit stop to pick up the previous bowel movement from the creature <--- i get bonus points for going back and picking it up right?) and then i made darwin drive me home. i was le tired. 8.5 miles. uphill both ways.
2. our race results from ragnar. read them and weep them folks. for 12 girls who were all a friend of a friend, we kicked some serious ass. #carlosdangerFORLIFE

4th in regular women's open division. WOOOOOOOOO

and and and and

TOP 100. 218 teams. and we got 92nd!

3. halloween candy on sale...
this might, might, cover me until the christmas trees come out. 

4. new apartments with significantly less spiders and cockroaches. and by significantly, i mean i have found one. also no other bugs.
cheers to a new roommate who isn't a bug! (literally)
5. christmas season is coming. christmas season is coming. christmas season is coming. weeee

6. ragnar pictures:

cheering on carrie. and all the other runners.

i clearly understand weather. (oiselle and procompression FTW)

first handoff

running up a mountain. and i mean UP

at the top of the mountain

f*%k that mountain

van 1 mascot

right before jessica, abi, and i found a puppy to steal

most of the team. missing two.

our fearless drivers.

van 1.

so cold. so dark.

the whole team done.
van 1 was finished and ready for some cracker barrel domination
there are no pictures of our other legs, because they were all in the dark. and i'm not kidding. well that's a lie. katie and abi's last legs didn't require reflective vests, but adrienne ran in the light with a vest, so it's like it was still dark. trust me.
7. i just signed up for the IMS Arizona marathon in february.

8. for shits and giggles. NICARAGUA bound on saturday. weeeeeeee